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Company Overview

Vula Drilling (Pty) Ltd. is the Original equipment supplier (OES) of patented “VULA” range of hard-rock drill bits.


This new range of drill bits have been specifically designed and developed with the use of ultra modern Computer-Aided-Design-and-Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Software to improve penetration rates and increase flushing of the drill bit, resulting in an increase in productivity and meters drilled.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located in Apex, Benoni. The 1500m2 facility is equipped with hi-tech CNC machines that are fully integrated into the CAD/CAM manufacturing process. We are extremely proud of our facility and it is one of the most advanced drill bit manufacturing plants in South Africa.

The company is a owned by a South African strata control products company Fabchem Mining (Pty) Ltd. and all manufacturing are done in-house at our Benoni plant. All suppliers and sub-contractors are based in South Africa and the majority of raw materials are sourced from with-in the country. We pride ourselves on being 100% Proudly South African.

Through our innovative products and highly sophisticated manufacturing process, Vula Drilling offers the lowest cost per meter solution for drill bits available in South Africa today.


Our experience in the manufacturing of drill bits originated back in 1998 when we started to manufacture taper drill bit bodies for some of the major role players currently in the market.


VULA Drilling was founded in 2005 after the directors decided to enter the market directly with complete manufactured products as an OES.

Through our experience we gained we identified the possibility for further improvements in the drill bits and some of these unique improvements like the spiral and straight flushing groves running the full length of the body have been patented.


The button fitting process was also re-engineered and we believe it to be superior to that of any other manufacturer.


In March 2022, South African strata control products company Fabchem Mining (Pty) Ltd, bought Vula Drilling (Pty) Ltd.

2 London Street, Apex, Benoni

Tel: +27 11 845 3031

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